Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wait a minute...

With the influx of New Year's inspired emails, promotions, and TV shows, I'm listening to a lot of the advice being thrown around, and something occurred to me.

I'm not a beginner anymore. I don't even know if I'm intermediate. I've been doing the kinds of exercises in my classes that you see on Biggest Loser in those crazy Last Chance workouts.

I've been at this for over four months now, eating right, exercising; this isn't some New Year's fad for me. It's becoming a lifestyle.

And you know something? I like it. It's cool to encourage other people that I don't recognize to join a tough class at the gym, or get to know my fellow exercisers by name. To offer to run a 5k with a friend who's been struggling with her goals.

To be offering advice to those who are just starting, trying to pursue their New Year's dreams.

Wow. I'm not a beginner anymore. That is an awesome, awesome feeling.

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