Friday, March 2, 2012

Adventures in Healthy Eating

So today I tried a new experiment. One of my trainers at the gym posted a fantastic Rachael Ray recipe for Parmesan Crusted Tilapia, and I had to try it, and I even attempted to make it healthy enough for my whole family to eat! Not only did I succeed, it was fantastic, and I'm stupidly stuff, and still haven't met my calorie minimum for the day.

Here's the base recipe I tried. I also made southern style squash and onions, and served it over white rice with a side salad. I used a more substantial parmesan for it, so my was a bit... err. crustier. But SO good.

Here's the plate I fixed for my 6 year old (alas, my 3 year old refused everything. I swear, I give up.)

And here's my plate. I'm especially proud of the presentation, and the fact that I drizzled my dressing instead of drowning the salad in it!

Total calories, WITH double helpings of the fish? 583 calories. WOOT. (No, I didn't eat all that rice. I ate about half a cup.)

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