Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I write, but this blog is about fitness

I do have a writing blog, of course, which has been my first and most successful foray into the blogosphere. However, now that I'm starting to get serious, I figure I need a blog devoted to fitness.

This week, I discovered that I weigh 211 lbs.

Two. Hundred. Eleven.

I've never weighed this much. You might ask why I titled my blog "I'm not pregnant, just fat." It's because to the untrained I, I *look* pregnant. Now, anyone familiar with pregnant women can see the telltale signs of non-pregnancy: no pregnancy mask, no peculiar puffiness in the face, a stomach that flabs over the pants rather than cutely stretching them out because of firm baby belly... but I still get asked, more frequently than I'd like, "When is the baby due?"

So I say, point blank, "I'm not pregnant, just fat."

I think I've finally said it often enough people around here stopped asking. Or maybe I just ran into the rude ones earlier.

I've reached a point in my life where I have two little girls watching every move I make. I can make a choice: I can continue to live sedentarily, on my ass in front of the computer, or I can get up, start moving, eat better, and FIX THIS.

I'm a 32 year old mom of two. This is me.

Let's make this journey together, and see if I can turn the lady in the mirror into something I'm proud of, and that you don't mind looking at.


  1. Awesome!!! Welcome to the attempt to get healthy! I am a 54 yo woman. I weight 290, which is about 40 pounds off from my highest weight and a recent loss of about 25 pounds. I have been slacking for a month or so but would love to get focused again.

  2. Thanks! This has been a hard transition. Growing up, I was always one of those easy size 9s that didn't have to even think to lose or maintain weight. I just woke up, and was thin.

    So I developed a lot of bad habits I now have to correct.