Sunday, June 10, 2012

Justification Station

One of the things I've noticed when I talk to my friends now is that for some reason, they all seem compelled to tell me why they can't be healthy, or why they're not trying. It's like my mere presence is enough to make them feel guilty, and they've got this idea that I'm judging them or something. So they whip out all the justifications they can. 

I went to a friend's daughter's birthday party and a local fun center. Now, all of my friends are overweight... I mean all of them. And having seen their fridges and how they feed their kids (and themselves) it's easy to see why! 

I'll mention having just come from the gym, and they're like "I've thought about joining, but I don't have anyone to go with." 

There's one girl in particular who does this EVERY time I talk to her. She simply won't go on her own. 

I used to be that way. I stayed fat a long time because of that very excuse. I didn't want to be alone. But you know something? If you rely on other people for your motivation, they WILL fail you. This isn't a matter of if. It's when. Your health isn't a priority to anyone but you, and when your buddy doesn't go, are you really willing to skip out on being healthy because her life is busy? 

So I stopped making excuses. Literally, at the drop of a hat, I made the rash, un-thought-out decision to join a gym. By myself. Without the promise of a friend to motivate me to go. 

I decided to make NEW friends. Friends there, at the gym I went to, who went to the classes I enjoyed. And I have several now, including one very good friend who texts me when I don't show up. She is my extra motivation. I still don't rely on her for it, but she's there for a little extra accountability. 

So have any of you experienced that? Do your friends and family make excuses for why they aren't getting fit and healthy... even if you didn't ask them or bring it up? 

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