Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Be inefficient."

I don't know if I ever told her this, (something I plan to remedy after I post) but my aunt once said something that has stuck with me through the years, until settling in my chest as I'm starting this whole fitness thing.

"Be inefficient," she said.

This is about a lifestyle change, a small one that can make a big difference in the long run.

What she means is that when you have the opportunity, being inefficient can make for a healthier you.

Instead of parking close to the grocery store, park out away from everyone else. Longer walk, farther to go.

Don't plan your trips for the quickest path inside. Walk around in circles. Walk more.

Do things in a way that makes you work for it. If you live close enough to something to walk, then WALK... sure, it takes longer. It's... inefficient.

Picking up fast food is as efficient as it gets. Making your own meals takes longer, and requires more effort.

So that's what I try to do. Whenever I can, I try not to be quick and in a hurry.

It's working.


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