Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My nemesis: The scale

My first weigh-in at the gym was... not what I wanted to do. I walked in, stared at the scale, and walked right by into the bathroom. After that, I took a deep breath, stepped up, flicked the little doohickeys around and found:

I've lost 3 lbs!

Progress! Real, measurable progress. We won't even talk about non-measurable ones. I have more energy, am breathing better, and just plain feel better about myself. My mental health has improved, too. Having that time in the morning to myself is helping, a lot.


I also walked 1.75 miles this morning in my 5k Walking plan. I didn't do an incline today, and I probably won't do any cross training; while walking around in Atlanta during Dragon*Con Saturday, not only did I clock 6 miles of nonstop walking (up hills, stairs, etc), I turned my ankle a bit on a curb.

I don't want to risk a serious injury, so I'm taking is semi-easy. I'm not skipping any workouts, but I'm being careful not to hurt myself.

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